Sterling Partners, LLC


As a Government of Japan approved professional team, Sterling Partners LLC is a general investment and advisory company that has provided research & strategy advisory, investment services and management services to public/private customers/society


Research & Strategy Advisory

  • Investigation and Strategy Advice for government and business entities
  • Acquisition and Sales including Due Diligence, Financing Structuring, Documentation etc.
  • Support for collaboration with domestic and overseas investors, etc.
  • Management

    Management Business Service

  • Launch new business
  • Rehabilitation of companies / businesses
  • Governance guidance/ Management Support
  • Support for post acquisition of the target company
  • Employment Recruitment / education, etc.
  • Investment

    Investment Business Service

  • Investment in stocks and businesses
  • Loan receivables related investment
  • Investment in real estate, ships, plant and equipment.
  • Special Situations
  • Value investment based on macro bets, etc.
  • Philosophy


    To pursue innovation together with our partners and customers that contribute to societal development, with a particular focus on creating a reliable monetary flow.


    To provide Research & Strategy Advisory, Investment and Management Services to public/private customers, either individually or in combination.


    To provide the "Sterling (= first-class, exceptional)" values and attitude to customers and society

    Company Outline

    Established 1st September 2009
    Head Quarter 2-11-8 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0004
    Paid-in Capital 50,000,000 JPY
    Chief Executive Officer Mr. Takao MATSUZAKI
    Phone +81-3-6206-1184
    Business Purpose
  • Investment Advice / Agency Business and Financial Instruments Business Type 2 based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (Registration Number: Director of Kanto Finance Bureau, Ministry of Finance No. 2295)
  • Real Estate Brokerage Business based on Real Estate Brokerage Act (Governor of Tokyo (3) No. 92903)
  • Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures Business Type 3 and 4 based on Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures (Commissioner of FSA and Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism No. 74 )
  • General consulting / Advisor business and incidental to the above All related business
  • Affiliated Organizations
  • Japan Investment Advisers Association
  • Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association
  • Financial instruments Mediation Assistance Center
  • Partner Outline

    CEO : Mr. Takao MATSUZAKI

    Career Outline

    1981 Bachelor of Law, Seikei University
    2014 Master of College Administration, J.F Oberlin University
    1981-1996 Japan Leasing Corporation (1983-1988 in London, 1991-1996 in NY/Boston where learnt fund management business)
    1996-2001 HSBC Securities Tokyo Branch, Merrill Lynch Securities Tokyo Branch, Cerberus Capital Management Japan
    2001-2009 BNP Paribas Renaissance Capital Management CIO

    Projects Outline

    1. Research & Strategy Advisory Services

  • Government of Japan: Government Regional New Energy Policy Reconstruction
  • Government of Japan: Hydrogen Local Production / Consumption F/S
  • Government of Japan: Dismantling and Removal Method for floating offshore wind power generation facilities F/S
  • Local Government: Port Area Renewable Energy Power F/S
  • Private Fund: Hydroelectric PFI project development and bidding support
  • Heavy Chemical Industrial Company: Overseas Desalination / Power Generation Barge business F / S (Government project)
  • Heavy Chemical Industrial Company: Overseas remote island Hydrogen EMS business F / S (Government project)
  • Marine Construction Company: Remodeling Workbench / Crane Vessel Business in Taiwan F / S(Government project)
  • Heavy Chemical Industrial Company: Desalination Business Reconstruction
  • Telecommunications Company: Electricity Retail Business Reconstruction etc.
  • Water/Sewage
  • Government of Japan: Government Water Long-term Policy regards overseas Reforming
  • Heavy Chemical Industrial Company: CCUS/ Water & Soil improvement/ Desulfurization/Denigration Business Reforming etc.
  • Real Estate
  • Government of Japan: Hotel PFI F/S for the decommissioning / reconstruction workers in Fukushima
  • eal Estate Developer: Logistics Property Business in Metropolitan Area Market Estimation and Strategy
  • Real Estate Developer: Logistics Property Business in domestic and overseas Estimation and Strategy with/after COVID-19
  • Public Relation
  • Government of Japan: Government Climate Change PR Strategy in Japan Planning(with Fleishman Hillard Group)
  • Government of Japan: Government Climate Change PR Strategy in Japan Implementing(with Fleishman Hillard Group)
  • Government of Japan: Government Climate Change PR Strategy for Overseas Government Implementing
  • Government of Japan: Support for formulation of lobbying strategy for deregulation of overseas governments etc.
  • Others
  • Government of Japan: Cyber security policy support for important domestic infrastructure
  • Government of Japan: Support for studying Japan's ship recycling system and operation
  • Government of Japan: Government outbound policy status and issue review support
  • Government of Japan: Government inbound policy status and issue review support, etc.
  • 2. Business Revitalization

    Financial Industry
  • Aozora Bank, Ltd. (former Nippon Credit Bank, major ordinary bank)
  • Orient Corporation (largest in the domestic credit and mortgage industry)
  • Hotel
  • Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Bus, taxi, railroad, hotel, etc. Kokusai Kogyo Bus, International Transportation Taxi, Towada Kanko Electric Railway Empire Hotel, Hawaii Moana Surf Rider, Hawaii Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, Yaesu Fujiya Hotel, Many Shopping Centers, Many Golf Courses, etc.)
  • Nikko Grand Hotel / Haneda Group (Domestic Luxury Hotel)
  • Retail
  • Nagasakiya Co., Ltd. (major general merchandising store, etc.)
  • School
  • Tsuji Gakuen Cooking and Confectionery College (established in 1930, Japan's oldest cooking school)
  • Cloth/Apparel
  • Kosugi Inc. (Mid-sized apparel brand maker)
  • Kawashima Selkon Textiles Co., Ltd. (Founded in Kyoto in 1843, a manufacturer and distributor of textiles, curtains, automobile fabrics, etc.)
  • Sada Co., Ltd. (suit manufacturing and sales company)
  • Construction
  • Kinoshita Group Co., Ltd. (major custom-built housing manufacturer)
  • Kyushu Yaesu Co., Ltd. (Mid-sized custom-built housing manufacturer)
  • Dia Kensetsu Co., Ltd. (Mid-sized condominium development company)
  • Manufacture
  • Tokai Corporation (a major domestic disposable lighter manufacturing and sales company)
  • Japan Precision Casting (Aircraft parts casting and sales company)
  • Maruni Wood Industry Inc. (Mid-sized furniture manufacturing and sales company)
  • Yamada Shomei Lighting Co., Ltd. (Manufacturing and sales company of medium-sized lighting equipment)
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Chuetsu Tech Co., Ltd. (Transportation business related to newspapers, soft drinks, building materials, etc.)
  • 3. Fund and Investment Development

  • Fund management for investing special chemical tanker (overseas investors)
  • Fund management for car carrier vesssel (overseas investors)
  • Arena
  • Large sports arena FLAT Hachinohe (Development Bank of Japan, Ltd., Xebio Holdings Co., Ltd., etc.)
  • Hotel
  • Hatago Inn Hirono (total number of guest rooms: 222 rooms, accommodation facilities for workers such as reconstruction and decommissioning assisted by the Reconstruction Agency / NEC Capital, etc.)
  • Business Office
  • Kichijoji Resona Building (Invested by Yasuda Real Estate Co., Ltd.)
  • Jimbocho Sumitomo Building (Invested by Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.)
  • Others
  • TEPCO Holdings Co., Ltd. Group employee housing operation and management business (Domestic Investors)
  • 4. Liquidation and Non-Recourse Loans

    Real Estate
  • Liquidation of domestic real estate owned by Kenedix, Inc. to the Korean government pension fund
  • Liquidation of domestic consumer credit business headquarters offices to domestic investors
  • Non-recourse loan of Shiodome City Center (Singapore Government Investment Corporation, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. Investment)
  • Financial Receivables
  • Liquidation of financial receivables of Shinsei Invest Management Co., Ltd.
  • Liquidation of non-performing loans of debt management and collection companies
  • Overseas Infrastructure-Loan Participation in Bank Loans for Business
  • Others
  • Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd. royalty-backed non-recourse loan from Walt Disney Company in the United States